PIVOT REPORT Pivot Report. Smart Issue Tracking for JIRA
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PIVOT REPORT Pivot Report. Smart Issue Tracking for JIRA
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Quick facts about Pivot Report

Over 7000 users from 40+ countries
Works both for small teams and large companies
Cloud and Server versions available
Zero bug policy. You report it, we fix it ASAP. Typically fixes take 1-3 days
Customer driven development. We are extremely proud to say that about 50% of features in the Pivot Report originated from customer requests

Use cases

Typical management questions are:

1. What is current status of the tasks you or your team is working on?
What is done, what is yet left to do and how long it will take

2. Who did what?
Any task may have multiply assignees, and sometimes it's hard to figure out who was actually involved

3. Is there anyone with too many or too few things to deal with?
Who is doing what, and who has the most of it

4. Is there any time planning flaws like underestimated, unassigned or overdue issues?
Overdue, underestimated or unassgined issues may lead to unexpected delays in the development.

Typical solution is:

Perform number of searches for corresponding issues with JQL. Then check several reports for status overview: Velocity, Burndown, Workload, Worlogs, etc.

Addionaly you may need to export the data and build couple of pivot tables in Excel. And add some charts on top. And print it out somehow.

And yes, it typically works, but takes way too much time and kills any enthusiasm.

The better way

How do we know these questions? Well, we’ve been in your shoes for over a decade. And at some point we realized we don’t want to spend any extra second on answering these questions.

So we decided to create a tool that will help us get answers, fast. And this is how Pivot Report appeared.

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